Sofía Juárez Gatica

I have a passion for history, art and culture, for Madrid, travel, food and teaching, and I have made a career and a life out of all of these things. In Argentina, I specifically studied to be a tour guide, and my degree has been officially recognized in Spain by the University of Alcalá de Henares. I completed my graduate studies in Tourist Information in Madrid and perfected my language skills in Sicily and Dublin. I also lived temporarily in Prague, Czech Republic and Amman, Jordan. Living in all of these places allowed me to learn firsthand about the culture and the expectations of tourists who visit Spain, and in particular, what they expect of our country and people.

After working for three years as an Ecotour guide in a zoological and botanical park, I directed tours for the next two years through the medieval towns and villages in northern Spain. I was a tour leader for nine years to the most popular routes in Spain. These experiences involved large groups, small groups, VIPs, fam trips, group incentive trips, students – all of which were good opportunities to observe that every group of travelers is a unique organism which depends a great deal on the efforts of the guide to make that experience just as unique.

I obtained my skills as a local guide by combining all of my work experience, in addition to being certified by the appropriate official organizations. Since 2008, I have conducted tours throughout Madrid, my city, where I am always content to interpret the masterpieces of the Prado Museum, to go over the uniqueness of Picasso in great detail or to show what multiculturalism means in our capital in this twenty-first century.

I also lead local tours in Toledo, Ávila and Segovia. I invite my clients to travel back to the Middle Ages with me, to walk in the footsteps of those who built magnificent walls and cathedrals, from which the splendor of these three cities was born and for which World Heritage sites were established.

Often tourists and sometimes travel agents consider me as a specialist in Middle Age history or in Baroque painting, still I must confess my specialty lies in tourism and tourists, and I can proudly call myself an official tour guide.